Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sabbatical Part 1 - Preperation

This summer I am way excited for a couple of things. The first is the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans and the second is the opportunity to do what ever I want whenever I want and get paid for it. Let me explain.

There is a great word out in the world that not too many people know about and even fewer get to experience. The word: sabbatical. Basically, it is a study/rest/spiritual renewal time that (mostly) church workers get every 6 or so years. It isn't limited to church workers but in my circle of friends that's what I know.

What makes this a little more special for me is that I am a Youth Worker, not a rostered, card carrying, master's degree owning Pastor. I have been at my church for almost 6 years (18 months is the average youth worker term) so that is also special and my church cares enough about the youth program that it is ready and willing to give me time In other words, the deck is stacked a little against me. I never thought I would be at this point when I started this job. I figured this would be something I would watch the Pastors I work with do while I slave away at my job while burning myself out.

Well, I now have a plan and have been approved to be away from my job for 3 months during the summer. I am looking forward to my time of learning, travel, rest and time with friends and my wife.

Keep checking back for updates and pictures of my adventures starting May 11th 2009.