Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parenting 101

Check out this video:

2 year old smokes 2 packs a day

This disgusts me to the core. Seriously, a 2 year old smoking two packs a day?Insanity.

This past weekend I spent time with my wife's family in Two Harbors, MN and I took my mom with me who was also in town from Colorado. Memorial Day weekend is a wonderful time to be "up north" from Minneapolis. My mom had only seen it in the winter time so I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to see the sights of the North Shore. While up there I spent time with both of my Godchildren. This is always a treat and they are very fun to be around. The first, Evan is almost 5 and well on his way to being a living terror. The other, Lexi is 2 and very cute. She has an older brother who is 4 and also quite great.

The difference between the two is parenting. Evan has a mother who is single and is living off of money given to her by her mom and dad. She has not been to college and doesn't have a job. Evan is also growing up in a house with her mom and another person who is soon to be going to jail for dealing drugs. Evan's manners and patience is something that are very thin and needs a lot of work.

Lexi on the other hand is a person that is very sweet. She has her moments, but loves her family and is growing up to be a very understanding and well mannered young lady. Her mother and father are very active in her life and have done a pretty good job with her and her brother.

Then I come upon a video with a 2 year old smoking with people laughing and encouraging the actions of the kid. The news report said that the kids whines and complains if he doesn't get his two packs a day.

What are we doing to kids these days? What are we giving our kids that is turning into an addiction that may not look like it's harming the child, but somewhere inside there is a growing disease that will one day hurt or harm that child? Is that good parenting?

Something as obvious as smoking when you are 2 is a no-brainer. But what about technology like the computer, video games and TV? What about certain foods like fast food? What about sports? Are our children becoming addicted to these things because we think it's cute, fun, or something "not that harmful"? I can always hear my mother saying "everything in moderation". Is that something I actually adhere to myself?

What if kids got addicted to reading, playing outside, splashing in puddles, going to church, singing, having dinner together, hugging mom or dad? I would argue those are the things we need to put in the hands of little ones like Evan and Lexi. I would hope and pray that they both get the best upbringing possible and that God is a part of their lives every step of the way.