Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thoughts from Luther Dell Bile Camp

This week myself, Marcus (middle school ministry coordinator) and 27 kids have traveled to Luther Dell Bible Camp for a week of fun and a chance to get away from it all. For one thing I find it odd that I am bringing up a bunch of middle schoolers so they can "get away" from their lives filled with constant craziness. We take away their cell phones, mp3 players and any form of being plugged in and force them to play games outside that involve throwing balls and tagging one another. We are also digging deep into the Word of God, my favorite part of camp.

This year we are talking about the "I am" statements said by Jesus. Things like "I am the way, the truth and the life. I am the good shepherd, I am the vine, I am the bread of life."

Today we are talking about truth. I always am in the boat with Pontious Pilot and ask 'what is truth?'. Apparently, everyone and everything out there is trying to tell us about truth and what is true. What is true? As far as I can tell there are tons of things that are true, but not the truth. For instance, if I am working a job, make money and then have that money to buy things that could make me happy for a time. That is true, I will make money and be able to buy things. My happiness may be short lived, but it is still present. That is true. But the truth is Christ is the only way to happiness. The true statement I wrote before was merely something that has been fed to be through television, radio and the internet. Society has claimed, falsely I might add, that my life is one filled with sadness, depression and doubt. My only way out is one of consumerism and temporary fads.

The skit we had this morning at Luther Dell was wonderful. An ordinary person was feeling like she was a pretty good person. She was nice to others, helped when she could and thought that was a pretty good way to heaven. Jesus shows up and tells here that 'yes, those things are good, but the way to heaven is following Jesus.' As she began to follow Jesus there were some interruptions along the way where people said that they had an easier and quicker way to heaven. Things like playing guitar, having lots of friends and having lots of Bible smarts rounded out the list. "These are all well and good," said Jesus "but the only true way to get to heaven is to follow me."

This is the truth we as Christians deal with. This is how we should live our lives knowing that no matter what we do, God's grace abounds. So keep following Christ, play your guitar or any other instrument for Jesus, do nice things because you are following Jesus, and make friends and follow Jesus together. This is the truth.

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